GRC– Guest lecture

Interviewed by Shweta Joshi, Edited by Sristy Changkakoti

We thank Mr. Balajee Aratla for his precious insights on Governance Risk and Compliance

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  1. How mature is GRC in our country? What are the various strategies adopted by Indian firms?
  • GRC in India is still in a budding stage if you compare with other nations. Indian firms are adopting GRC “as per need basis” only. I mean, only some of the software organizations and banking institutions have adopted to meet the compliance. These industries are in active region and trying to minimize the risk. Other industries also needs to adopt this as a “proactive approach” rather than “reactive approach”.
  1. Why are we not taking mobile security seriously?
  • Mobile security is way to go too far. Indian subscribers (majority) are yet to understand the “value of added services” and how secure they are. It needs lot of awareness, education & training if required.
  1. What roadmap should the start-ups follow in order to implement GRC within their organization?
  • Security needs to be implemented and practiced at every level from infrastructure establishment to third party supplier’s involvement. Top management should participate in assessing the risk as per their business need.
  1. What is cyber resilience? Different strategies adopted by organizations.
  • Cyber resilience is something about how best the organizations are ready to face the threats & vulnerabilities that come from the external & internal people. There is no fixed strategy to face the threat. Because one should thoroughly understand “what is the business need” and “what is the risk” which will affect the business continuity.
  • Strategies are supposed to be adopted based on the individual organizations ‘risk assessment. So it is more like “custom strategy” or “tailor made solutions” should be adopted by organizations.
  • Based on the risk assessment and business continuity requirements, one should establish a strategy to implement the various admin, logical & technological controls and practice it regularly.


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