Hey Angel, I Wish – S Sahana

Reflectionist S Sahana (MBA ITBM 2021-2023)

Hey Angel, I wish there are no tears in this world. Do tears make you stronger or weaker? And if it is meant to make you stronger, why does it make you feel so vulnerable?

Hey Angel, I wish there is no pain in this world. People say pain teaches you a lesson, that it makes you stronger. But why are the lessons so hard? Why do these lessons break you from inside?
Hey Angel, I wish there is no judgment in this world. Why is it that some people’s actions and choices get more scrutinized than others? Who decided what is normal and what is strange?
Hey Angel, I wish no one was poor in this world. How is it fair for one person to have more than they could ever consume in their lifetime and the other person lose their life from lack of a single meal?
Hey Angel, I wish there were no labels in this world. Why are some labels superior to others? Why do labels entitle people to discrimination?
Hey Angel, I wish everyone gets an opportunity to explore and understand themselves. Why are people who dare to explore themselves scorned upon? Why can’t people live freely?
Hey Angel, I wish there was peace in this world. Will the fight ever stop? Will we ever get past the materialistic desires and come together as one?
Hey Angel, I wish John Lennon’s “Imagine” is not just wishful thinking.
I wish the world will live as one.