For a fresher Internship is a platform where you get to rub shoulders with the big-wigs of the corporate. If utilized appropriately it can be a stepping stone from where you can launch your future. My journey at ANB so far has been very intriguing. It was a challenge for me at the beginning coming to terms with the nitty-gritties of the corporate world but thanks to my co-interns from SCIT(Ashish, Vaibhav, Snehal,Akanksha) and colleagues from the IRM department(Prasad Sir, Amit Sir, Pankaj Sir and Rahul Sir) I have gradually settled down. Normally freshers aren’t normally considered as desirable candidates but I am grateful to ANB for showing faith in me and providing me with a golden opportunity to get acclimatize and exposed to the world of audit. My first experience of a system audit was a mixed one. My entry was akin to Salman Khan from Dabangg but exit was a soft one. It was a game of chess each trying to outwit the other but finally client got the better of my novice mind and was able to twist and turn according to his whims. After a period of time the roles reversed and actually I became the auditee and he became the auditor. My naivety started to show on my face and I was literally between a hard and a rock place. Somehow with my limited(even limited is a kind word)knowledge I managed to sustain myself in front of him.It was a great learning experience for me with regards to how wily the clients are and are always ready to pounce on you at every opportune moment and mistake.

This internship has given me a golden opportunity to interact with many intellectuals and get a first-hand knowledge of system audits. It has given me the kind of exposure that a fresher craves for and I am sure no company would provide such level of exposure to an intern which ANB provides. I hope to make optimum use of this opportunity and hope this will act as a catalyst for something big in my future endeavors.

To be honest I have really felt at home in ANB. The atmosphere is very conducive for work,seniors are co-operative and caring. Some of them are ex-Symbites so that helps as well. They are not a sort of school-boy bullies that you come across usually. My Project Manager or mentor you can say has also been very supportive and accommodating. He is reminiscent to the guru of a gurukul. He is the sort of guy that will entertain even the silliest of your doubts with equanimity and also pardons even the gravest of your mistakes. He has a wealth of knowledge in the security field and I am privileged to have a mentor like Prasad Sir.So far the topsy-turvy journey has been an exciting one and I hope it remains the same for the rest of my internship.