Independence Cup 2019 by Akash Sagar

The Independence Cup is a sports tournament that is held every year in SCIT spanning approximately 12 days, in the first week of August and culminates on 15th August. A wide array of sports are played every year; in fact, you will be hard-pressed to find a sport that is not included in the line-up. Cricket, Basketball, Football and Volleyball are some of the primary attractions for which students come out and cheer for their classes in masses. Aside from this, there are other games too such as Chess and Table Tennis, this ensures that the mix is as vibrant as ever. There is something here for everyone. It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold, an entire class erupting with joy when their team makes a credible advance towards victory and nothing can truly compare to the elation that overcomes the field when a team wins.

Most importantly this sporting event serves to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in every individual, whether they are playing a game or not, the on-field bonding that occurs between seniors and juniors most definitely lays down the foundation for an effective and long-lasting relationship. For many individuals, this is one of the first-ever open interactions with their seniors and that is something which must be capitalised on its full extent.

Throughout the event, the matches are intense and the passion exhibited by the players are red hot, and the ever-present chances of victory are one of the biggest sources of motivation that can ever exist, the way sports binds and holds the entire class together is spellbinding. The Independence Cup also functions as a platform where interested players can come forward and shoe case their sporting prowess and talent. It is in a manner of speaking, a proving ground for budding sportsmen and can even inspire those in the audience to actively take up a sport or two.

The opening and closing ceremonies feature performances by Symbeats, our resident dance crew who never fails to enthral and captivate us with their amazing choreography and synchronized dances. The grand event wraps up with an awards ceremony where all the winners of every event felicitated with medals and consequently lift the trophies of their respective events. The impact of The Independence Cup is profound and far-reaching, may it continue to inspire and ignite the minds and hearts of countless individuals in the years to come.