In’D’ependence Cup!!

It is that time of the year at SCIT where sports takes centre stage. Independence Cup is a host to plethora of sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, etc. Such tournaments play a pivotal part in augmenting the overall personality of an individual. A good blend of fitness and academics ignites a sense of competitive spirit in an individual and makes him street smart to face tougher challenges. As I am almost a half-MBA now, I certainly must be equipped to do a half-hearted SWOT analysis.



Div D would look to make amends for their rusty performance in last year’s Independence Cup. In Ashish Tandon and Gaganjot Sidhu they have two of SCIT’s best. The most peculiar thing about both of them is that they are multi-faceted cricketers. On their day they can blow away any team with both bat and ball.

One was adjudged the best bowler and other had the feather of Man of the Tournament in his Cap. So both would look to rekindle those fond memories. Yorker’s searing pace is going to be an asset and batsmen surely would have to be on their toes to combat those thunderbolts. If it rains on match days then he will be even more menacing.

Gagan is just a sweet timer of the ball. His batting actually reminds me of Yuvraj Singh especially with those effortless punches down the ground. Opposition bowlers will certainly hope that he has a bad tournament or otherwise they will have to look for cover and fielders will become spectators. Add to the batting prowess they have Rachit who plays with the mentality of a Shahid Afridi with a bit more sense. If he starts wielding his bat like an axe then the crowd is going to be in for a treat. Southpaw should open along with Ashish with Gagan at three.

Prasad and Ujval are also important cogs in their wheel. Prasad should be used as a finisher as he has the power to hit humongous sixes at the fag end of the innings. The multi-utility player Ketan Koul could have a massive impact on the entire tournament. He is certainly one of those who does his job in an understated way.

On paper certainly D division looks the favorites and if they play to their potential it is going to take some beating to overpower them.

I am looking forward to this tournament as there are some really battle-hungry teams who have some really special players. Both my heart and mind says Div-D but you never know as they say Cricket is “Predicatably Unpredicatable”. (Some junior team might prove to be the gate-crashers!!)