Insights on opportunities for women in Information Security by Placement Officer, Mrs. Savitha Nair

Q. In capacity of being a Placement Officer at SCIT, how you have seen the growth of women’s placement in Information Security industry in the past 20 years?
==> SCIT is known for its niche curriculum, plethora of courses which is a perfect amalgamation of information technology and management and exemplary placement records. Apart from the initial placements offered to the students, their growth on a longer run is a significant factor. Over my tenure of 20 years with this prestigious institution, looking out for better opportunities, better profiles where the students would have a steady growth in their career has always been the primary focus. In today’s scenario, the ratio of men and women are almost equal in all the sectors. Gone are the days, where there were gender discrimination in the industry, not completely though, but to an extent. Women are excelling in almost all the sectors today. Considering the domain of information security, which was once perceived to be ‘men’s own land’, is now turning to another dimension where the presence of women is increasing on a considerable rate. Many organizations hold women in leading positions. Women are also leading the organizations being the CISO’s, CIO’s, thereby serving as an inspiration to others. Over the years, I have witnessed the increase in the count of the girl students getting in to prestigious organizations, proving their capabilities and flourishing themselves to be one of the key resources of the organization. Witnessing the growth of women in a highly competitive field like information security is definitely making me proud as placement officer, but most importantly as a woman first and forever.

Q. What are your observations about changing trends in profiles being offered in the Information Security domain?
==> Growth of digitalization has been one of the major contributors to the surge in the field of Information Security. Technological advancements have paved the way for plenty of opportunities in this field. Over the period of time the growth of the industry demands a varied level of needs and expectations. Staying at par with the industry standards and meeting their expectations is a cumbersome task. The field of Information Security has been witnessing a gradual growth. There are gradual changes in the profiles that are offered. Earlier days, during the bloom, auditing was one of the prominent profiles in information security. Today, it is proliferated into many domains like cyber security, threat intelligence, money laundering, VAPT, etc. To cope with the ever competitive world, the organizations are looking out for technologies which can go hand in hand with information security. Incorporation of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation in to Information Security is currently a major part of the trend line. More emphasis is laid on the roles/profiles which can innovate and ideate new trends in this niche field. The merging of the current trends with information security has given rise to new domains like Cyber Analytics, Forensic analytics, Risk analytics and many more. As long as the technological upsurge is on the play, the field of Information Security is going to rule the industry for years together down the line. The combination of this field along with the digital transformation is going to take the future by storm, by providing more and more opportunities and openings. All that an individual needs to do is Explore, Enhance and update.