International Student’s Day – Shaili Sharma

Reflectionist Shaili Sharma (DSDA 2021-2023)

What do you want to be?

When I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do was grow up, and I’m sure it wasn’t just me. When I was in 5th standard, I wanted to be in 6th just so that I get to use a pen instead of a pencil. When I was in 10th , I didn’t want to be in 10th ; I wanted to be in Utopia, just so that I didn’t have to write the board exams. After a while, I learned that it’s cool to be a college student, so I wanted to be in college. Now I am, and well, I want to be in 5th again.

Being a student is easy; you just have to learn what you are being taught, but being a student who is doing a master’s in business administration, oh boy! Just kidding, being a student is a lot of work. Initially, you have to wake up early, go to school, learn… I know I had most of you at “wake up early!”.

As a student, I have got to learn a variety of things that would help me optimize the resources and the learnings I have, be a better human being (and get good grades in online exams!).

Speaking of exams, I believe exams aren’t as bad as we make them be. Just hear me out, if there were no exams, would you feel relieved when you are writing the last sentence of the last answer on the last day of the exam. Try to remember the feeling when you put the pen down and look out of the classroom and maybe find your friends standing outside staring at you and giving a look “just get out already!!” and when you finally do, you feel happy,
no matter how the exam went: good or bad, you feel happy. We all have plans of what we are going to do after the exams; some might go out to eat, some might go out and watch a movie, some might go home and sleep, but we all have one thing in common, we all are glad that the exams are finally over. We feel at peace with ourselves and also, we feel happy (obviously).

Students have the capacity to learn innumerable amounts of knowledge, making them one of a kind. At all stages of life, we all are learning one thing or the other; doesn’t it make us a forever student?
Pace yourselves, people; it seems like we are in for a long haul. I feel blessed to have been a student my whole life.

When I was in school, at the end of every year, we had to fill in a section that said, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I have written Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Cricketer and what not. I believe I finally know the answer to that question, and if someone were to ask me now, what I want to be in the next ten years, I’d proudly say, I wanna be a Student.