International Yoga Day Celebration by Kanika

Yoga has been introduced to the world by India. It’s a unique gift to the world which has influenced the lives of many people. Yoga is moving meditation. It has the power of getting the body and mind in a balanced state so that one can find a comfortable place in oneself. To honour and to spread awareness about Yoga 21st June is declared as ‘International Yoga Day’. Symbiosis being a proactive institute in physical fitness, how could we not follow the culture. We took the lead in celebrating Yoga day at our institute.

We wanted it to be special. So, we called very reputed Yoga Teacher Ms Rupali to conduct the session. She is a certified yoga teacher from the Art of Living. We got a huge response. Not only students but also the staff participated. We had 45 minutes sessions in which we started with warm-up exercises. As the energy and excitement rushed through us with each asana she made us do challenging poses as well. The Utkatasana, when done for more than two minutes made us laugh and cry at the same time. There were various moments when she made us come out of our comfort zone like Tadasana. After all the asanas she took us to the state of tranquillity with Pranayamas such as anulom vilom. The session started with excitement, filled with fervor and ended with a peace that we were looking for.

After the session, everybody was inclined towards yoga. In fact, some people who had health issues consulted with Ms Rupali. She patiently listened to all of them and provided her valuable suggestions on what diet, asanas and pranayamas they can follow on an everyday basis. Some of them are continuing with the regime and are very thankful to her.

The session was a success – it got reflected from the positive feedback by participants and by the fact that many people are still following Yoga and making it part of their life.

We would like to thank our director Dr. Dhanya Pramod and Deputy Director Dr. Kanchan Patil for their support and encouragement. This event would not have been a success without the help of the staff of SCIT. Last but not least, Thanks to all the participants who took time from their busy schedule and turned up in big numbers.

Students of SCIT on International Yoga Day