Koi No Yokan, Wake up and smell….the chai

Tea Trails

Koi No Yokan(Japanese): Knowing at first meeting that you are going to fall in love. The Tea Trails Café triggered a similar emotion.

In India, Chai isn’t just a beverage. It is an experience, an emotion, the panacea to all our problems. “You have a cold? Here Have chai”, “Are you unhappy? Wait! Let me make some chai”, “Your son got married? Can the girl make Chai?” You get the idea. We have umpteen chai vendors across cities, in the corners of the streets. However, what appeals to the new age, techno-frenzied uber-class generation is a quiet place to unwind. A place with an ambience to let go and enjoy…tea.

Tea Trails Café is a chain spread across major cities in India catering to Chai afficiandos with suitable accompaniments. The place is treat to tired eyes, the music, a salve to rattled souls with an atmosphere that heals. Variants of the four major classification of teas i.e. Oolong, Black, White and Green are served. Classic Indian teas like masala chai, adraki chai, tulsi chai, elaichi chai continue to tantalize the taste buds.

The place allows you to hold semi-official meetings, read a book, have deep insightful conversations or just sit, sip and stare into oblivion. It’s a place for the purposeful and wanderers alike. They offer you not just tea but the knowledge about their origin, preferences and suggestions. So…wake up and smell the…chai!!!


Image source:<http://www.teatrailsindia.com/franchise.html>

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