Kun-Faya-Kun – Mohammad Adib Aslam

Reflectionist Mohammad Adib Aslam (MBA ITBM Batch 2021-2023)

Ever imagined the meaning of this beautiful line from the song that takes us in a trance and makes us believe that there is someone, who takes care of us in our moments of despair. Well, even I did not know this, until my mom explained it to me. It means “that we all have come and are a part of something bigger and eventually we have to get consumed it”. The lines have been the core of Prophet Mohammad’s preaching, yes I am talking about “Sallallahou Alayhe Wasallam”. The one who has been a strong a pillar of values and has been a pathfinder.

Id-E-Milad or Barah-rabbi-awal (12th date of the third month of the Islamic Calendar), is a day that’s remembered as the birthdate, but also as the death anniversary of our Prophet Mohammad. Today is the day, when we rekindle the teachings of our Prophet and acknowledge the contributions that he has made towards Islam.

Prophet Mohammad is considered to be the bridge between us and the almighty, he has shown mankind the way forward, fought for the righteous and has made innumerable sacrifices for the mankind. This auspicious day gives us another chance to remember his life that was so connected to the creator.

I still remember how during my childhood I used to be so excited for this day. Immediately after the AfterNoon Prayer, everyone from the society gathers in the mosque for the Milad (Milad-ul-Nabi). Where the clerics commence the conclave by singing Naths (special prose that is recited in the praise of our Prophet). The Milad continues for almost an hour, where we discuss the life of our Prophet.The Milad is then generally concluded with Darood Sharif and Salaam, these are special prayers that are read for the spread of  peace and harmony throughout the world.

Kids from madrasas come out in small processions and distribute food and sweets to the needy ones. Family, friends and loved ones are invited and great feast is prepared for the day.

The celebration is a bit minimal as we lost out Prophet on the same day, but also we cannot let this day go out of our hands without recognizing the efforts put out by our Prophet. The whole day feels very spiritual and every year we get more connected to our Prophet.

जब कहीं पे कुछ कहीं भी नहीं था,

वही था……. वही था|
वही था……. वही था|