Liberate My Soul

At times my mind just wants to fly

Like a free bird breaking the limits of the sky

Into a world of oblivion that numbs every sense

To bathe into the grace of a charming presence

A world that breaks the walls of time

And melts into an unending aura sublime

It bears in its heart that era I was in

Dwells in an eternity, not to move ahead is it keen

Defying the ‘Right’, ‘Wrong’ and the concepts of ‘Should’

Frees me from the shackles to let me do what I ‘Would’

And no sooner do I see myself walking that road again

Enjoying every breeze, every droplet of rain

The road left long behind, yet never retreated

Kept beckoning to follow it-every different thought defeated

The road that never ended then as much as it doesn’t today

Is more covetous now, it puts everything else at bay


Laden all over with snow with my soul trapped in it

Takes me through a joyful ride with days shining and nights moonlit

A trap that sets every bit of my wretched spirit free

My heart travels every kind of way in its own sweet spree

In it I find a precious gem I never wish to lose

This trap gives me joys, the freedom gives me woes

I live and breathe amidst you all, in this world so fickle

Always wanting to do so much, and end up doing so little

Yet my struggle with ‘Me’ goes on to recreate myself

But the soul remains camouflaged—in YOU it longs more to delve.