Maximus: demarcating managers of tomorrow from leaders of today

——-Written By Sreeparna Sengupta


Leaders are people who ‘Do the Right Things’ and Managers are people who ‘Do the Things Right’

Management is all about carving out the decision makers and the harbingers of change in the future industry from the thought leaders of today. Drishtikon, the Management club of SCIT provides a valuable platform to the arduous students to engage into an arena of collaborative learning through multiple focused activities like case studies, discussion threads, quizzes, knowledge sharing sessions and articles concerned with the latest happenings in the world of management. The club conducts all these engaging activities in a very smooth and well-coordinated manner through professionally networked team members. Maximus, the flagship event of team Drishtikon is the hunt for the Best Manager that enables the participants to showcase their unique skills in order to gain an edge over everybody else. Maximus’2015 was well conceptualized by Team Drishtikon. It invited participation from the entire 3 premier Symbiosis institutes- SIIB, SCMHRD and SCIT. The event focuses on evaluating each participant on parameters like analytical, logical, interpersonal skills, etc. Moreover, it provides them with an opportunity to judge their managerial competency before stepping into the industry.


Maximus’ 2015 aimed at evaluating participants on the following key skills:

  1. Good analytical skill
  2. Decision Making
  3. Logical Thinking
  4. Ability to perceive a given situation
  5. Team building
  6. Team coordination
  7. Communication skills
  8. Confidence level

The comprehensive event received quite a good amount of participation. The judges’ panel was composed of esteemed faculty members of SCIT. Also a good number of volunteers were involved from the team members to ensure quick assistance on any of their queries. There were 5 rounds in all. The first two rounds had a myriad of questions on mental aptitude, perception, visual logic, sound recognition and listening skills, situation based questions etc. Based on the performance of the first round the top performers were shortlisted for the second round-the one with the highest level of difficulty. It was centered on a case study analysis and presentation. The candidates had 40 minutes to read the case, analyze it and present it to the judges’ panel. The top performers made it to the final intriguing round of Group Discussion cum Role play. The final winner was selected after this round on the basis of the judges’ score as well as the cumulative total. The participants consisted of a good mix from both the junior as well as the senior batches and the level of competition also achieved great heights with a very small margin of difference between the winner and the runner-up.

Successfully taking on each and every round with her sharp acumen and sound knowledge, Khushboo Srivastava of SCIT (MBA-ITBM, Batch- 2013-15) bagged the winner’s accolade to her name. With a heartfelt thanks towards the Team Drishtikon, Director of SCIT Dr. Dhanya Pramod, Deputy Director of SCIT, Prof. SVK Bharthi and all Faculty members for their presence at the event, Khushboo mentioned that it was really an overwhelming and joyous moment for her.

Thus, Maximus’ 2015 was an event of great success in every aspect and it truly churned the manager out of its participants through the amazing endeavors of Team Drishtikon. The entire SCIT is proud of the ‘mighty mighty’ Management Club and looks forward to more of such absorbing events in the future.