Must Watch TV Shows

1. Game Of Thrones
I know many of you won’t agree with me to keep Game of thrones on the top , but there are reasons that justify the hype about this show all over the world. There’s a reason the crowd love to hate it and hate to love it so much at the same time. Imagine all kind of brutal scenes you can, imagine everything that can possibly offend people, you’ll get everything in this show, but that’s not why this show is great. It is so because of it’s unpredictability – you can never predict what’s going to happen next , everything will happen beyond your imagination’s perception . You are going to be surprised from one episode to another . Realistic and vivid characters, brutal images, strong language and blood , lot of blood. This show is totally worth the watch. Valar morghulis.

2. Breaking Bad
Probably one of the best Anti-hero shows of all time, this story is about a middle aged man who’s trying to give his best to the family, but currently found out that he got lung cancer and he has to leave behind money for his family. After this the one uneven circumstance leads to another , one plot twist to another , this show will provide you with everything . Suspense , thrill , grief , disappointments . Everything. The depth of the main character here can be relatable with every middle aged people do to support their families and sometimes to a level most of us cannot image in our darkest dreams.

3. Suits
Elevating The Formula With Smarts, Sophistication, and Uncommon Wit, Suits opens pathways for many story lines and boasts an exceptional cast of fine actors. Harvey will make you watch in awe. Mike will make you feel his passion and worry for him with each passing episode. Louis will make you laugh harder than ever before. Same goes for Donna. Rachel will put you in a trance. And Jessica will make you tougher. If you want to know how things are done (should be done) in the corporate world, watch this.

4. Dexter
This is again an Anti-hero show. Dexter is the name of a psychopath who kills people. But here’s the twist , he kills bad people , murderers , rapists, pedophiles. Dexter cleans the streets of Los Angeles and saves them from the horrors that lurk in the corners. The explanation of the character and the famous quotes in this series are absolutely subtle . You’ll fall in love with the series and find yourself contradicting from time to time as to whether he’s right or wrong.

5. The Walking Dead
This show is about a post-zombie apocalypse , This show gives us a view of the world and how it will look like after a zombie apocalypse. You must’ve seen a couple of zombie movies but let me tell you, this show is nothing like them. Very thoroughly  directed , this epic television drama provides you with thrill, suspense and a life time guide to survive the zombie apocalypse. You will love the pace of the show, it will never bore you. Worth the watch.

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