My Shadow – My Reflection

Written By

Anirudh Sareen


Me with my shadow in the dark I talk,

Is it only you with me to walk?

How and why do we meet again and again?

Is it the love we share or is it the pain?

I see you in the moon, I see you in the sun,

I see you in my sorrow and my fun.

I want to Thank you for always being there,

I want to say Sorry for the times I don’t care

I request you to never ever Change, I ask you to be who you are

Never leave me whatever I do…All I want is to be with YOU…

To me on this my shadow replied:

I’m not someone else it shouted it cried.

I’m just you, your own reflections,

I’ll follow you, your all directions.

Don’t thank me, thank the sun, the moon, the rays of light

Who help me to meet you, with their might.

Don’t be sorry to me, to you, I dare,

Be sorry to yourself and the people who care.

Don’t be foolish, cause constant is change,

Adapt to situations, enhance your range.

I’ll be with you whatever you do, but

You should be with people who need you.

On one last statement we both agreed:

Who do change and mean their thanks and sorry,

Their reflections lead them on the path of glory.