My Twinkling Star – By Isha Bansal

Reviewed By – Akash Goel


As I sit back, amidst this chaos, sipping hot coffee,

Blurred memories from kindergarten flash before my eyes.

I remember her ardent smile, aptly named ‘Twinkle”,

‘coz with her charisma she could light up the skies.


A serene calmness filled the room, whenever she hummed her favorite tunes.

Her laugh when she danced in the rains always left me bemused.


We were sweet sixteen when we shared all our secrets,

We were BFFs, twinning each day!

Twelve years of friendship then left me at my weakest

Bewildered I felt, as everything seemed gray!


It was 12th December 2012. The world didn’t end

But mine shifted latitudes.

She left this world and I was no longer me!

A bubbly, chirpy girl was now lost in her solitude.


The last time that I saw her,

Twinkling eyes with a simper, even in that pain.

She was the one fooling me

When she went, “This is just a migraine.”


Now that she is gone, I say, “People Always Leave!”

She left me alone, alone to grieve.


My mother truly helped me come out of the gloom,

Said, “Twinkle won’t be happy watching you advance doom.”



Soon came Christmas.

My mom inspired me to smile for my loved ones.

Since that day I know I won’t ever need a star ornament on top of my tree.

‘Coz I have my shiniest star in heaven watching over me!


I miss you every day.


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