New Jobs in Cloud Computing and Big Data!!!

Written by- Sourabh Chakraborty

Edited by- Sreeparna Sengupta

Speaker Name- Prof. Dr. Horacio Gonsalzes Vales

Topic- New Jobs in Cloud Computing & Big Data

Date-Tuesday, 11th November’ 14


 Prof Bharathi started the beautiful occasion by giving a brief introduction of Prof. Dr. Horacio Gonsalzes Vales, Head of Cloud Competency Centre & Assistant Professor at National College of Ireland. It was the first prestigious lecture by an international faculty this year. So every student as well as the faculties was eagerly looking for it.


It all started with a simple question- Why Cloud & Big Data in India?

His next slide gave the answer. Currently Pune is called the new Bangalore for IT related oppurtunities.12 % product development (8 % Bangalore) is done by 24,0000 people in top 110 MNC’s of Pune. He added India is currently source of top notch engineering talent and surprisingly excellent food. He showed by an graphic that at present the amount invested by US in Ireland is more than the combined investment in Russia, India, China & Brazil.


He introduced Cloud Computing as a most required and preferred technology in modern day world.

He added following are important part of modern Cloud Computing:-

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Platform (IaaP)
  • On- Demand Computing


His next point was Big Data has three major parts- Volume, Velocity & Variety.Big Data being a hot topic in recent days, large volume as 40 zettabytes of data will be created by 2020. Velocity as large amount of data -1TB of trade information is processed during each trading session in NYSE. Variety being different forms of data-30 billion pieces of Content are shared on fb every month. An intersting visualization showed presence of Information Communication & Technology in Ireland regarding number of companies like Paypal, linkedIn, Oracle, SalesForce etc.


At the end a brief questionnaire was done where questions regarding security aspects, Job Profile in Cloud Computing were asked and equally well answered by the speaker. Our Own Director Mrs Dhanya Pramod Felicitated Prof. Horacio Gonsalzes with a small momemto of SCIT.The Session ended with motivational remarks from Prof Bharathi about Cloud Computing & Long term association with NCI & SCIT.