Nullcon 2017: A Pandora’s box for Security?

Edited by- Abhishek Bele

“Security is not optional; those who realize this and quickly adapt to the rapid changes in this battlefield will survive.”

The above statement is a testimony to what a security event like Nullcon stands for, its importance and what it brings to the table for us. Nullcon, often touted as the “The Next Security Thing”, creates opportunities for both the professionals and the students to present as well as participate in an intimate atmosphere where the cyber security events offer the opportunity to learn about new threats, get valuable insights from leading experts, and network with other professionals. Nullcon emerged out of null – the open security community in 2010 with the idea of providing an integrated platform for exchanging information on the latest attack vectors, zero day vulnerabilities and unknown threats. The idea behind organizing Nullcon was to create a platform for researchers and organisations to brainstorm and demonstrate why the current security technology is not sufficient and what should be the focus of the security industry in the coming years. Ever since its inception, it has been looked upon as an event which sets course for a paradigm shift in the way of thinking about the security world. This year is expected to be no different.


Nullcon 2017 (visit the website) is all set to be organized in Goa with a whole new set of interactive events, training’s, exhibitions, hacking challenges and workshops lined up for the security enthusiasts. The main highlight is the Nullcon conference which is set to be hosted on March3-4, 2017. It demonstrates the vibrance of security community in our country, which in turn motivates students and professionals to focus on knowledge rather than the credentials. It brings security enthusiasts, hackers, corporate and government officials together on a same platform. This year, Joshua Penenell, Founder and President of IOActive is set to be the keynote speaker along with a whole lot of CXO speakers.


The event is expected to conclude with Blackshield awards: the most coveted awards of the InfoSec community.

SCIT Team Matrix is proud to be a community partner for the Nullcon and the security enthusiasts are definitely looking forward to have an enriching learning experience.

“If you love security, hacking, cutting edge research, Goa, trance, then the universe will conspire to send you to nullcon.”