My Journey with Nullcon Winja

My journey with Nullcon and Winja began in 2015 with our very own Professor, Manu Zacharia, introducing us to the real world of security. Along with five other student cum colleagues, I enjoyed every moment being a part of this conference. Little did I know that my life would take a turn since 2017 (my third year with Nullcon) where I would get an opportunity to volunteer and become a part of the organizing team for Winja. There is so much to learn from the sessions, the attendees, the exhibition arena presentations and the list can go on. Being an academic, Nullcon has helped me team up with external experts for my student’s R&D projects, have industry experts review new courses being proposed and have them invited for our cyber security awareness month events. Attending the sessions sure have helped me add value to my classroom discussions encouraging students to push their imagination to the next level. Connecting with the Winja team members has surely motivated and inspired me to give back to the information security community at large. This was also exhibited by encouraging my students to submit interesting challenges for the Winja CTF as part of my database and application security course. Working with the Payatu organizing team has been a great learning experience and I look forward to more such opportunities to connect. I continue to encourage people and more so academic folks to actively participate at Nullcon. 

Here are some “photographic” memories 🙂

Team Winja activity (Nullcon 2019)
(Acknowledgements: Winja Team- Sneha Rajguru, Neelu Tripathy, Angelina Gokhale, Nimisha Singh, Pratik Ghumade and Antriksh Shah)
Networking with our alumni @ Nullcon 2019, Day 0
Along with Nimisha Singh (SCIT, MBA-ITBM Batch 2017-2019) and extended Team Matrix from PICT, Pune (Nullcon 2019, Day 1)

And finally, SCIT’s association with Nullcon over the years !