Outfit-ting Interview – By Souptik Sur

Edited By- Adya Mishra

When you enter for your interview the first thing the interviewer looks for is a great impression. Once you make that, it becomes easier for you to crack the interview. When a person is appearing for an interview, he has to keep in mind some rudimentary rules. The secret and easy way of cracking an interview lies there. A person must be very confident when he is walking through the door and must never forget to greet the interviewer with a warm smile.

The interview needs a proper look and a patent dress up. During an interview if you think trendy stubble or a great hairstyle will help you create your impression, then you are absolutely mistaken. What you will need is a clean and tidy look for a start. Means you should be clean shaven and should have a short and nicely shaped hair cut. This also depicts that you have maintained ethics and discipline in your life. Let us come to the attire part now. For an interview people will say that you should wear a uni-colored shirt and preferably black trousers. This is a misconception. In fact you have a huge variety to choose from when you want to go for an interview.

The shirts you can chose can start from single colored to striped or checked, but the thing you must keep in mind is that you must not look to colorful or dashing. Mostly a professional look is expected which means light or matte colors. The trousers can vary but it’s better if  a darker shade is chosen. The aim is to have an attire that should not be a cause of distraction for the interviewer. With change in time, perceptions have changed too. Nowadays many organizations have shifted to BUSINESS CASUALS. They prefer employees to come in most comfortable dresses. A collared polo t-shirt and a pair of uni-color jeans are considered as DECENT casuals. Still the traditional way of representing yourself has been respected for ages.

Though sartorial grandeur is not required when it comes to interview clothes but decency is always appreciated. You cannot expect to bag a job if you are sitting with a pair of rugged and torn jeans. So at the end of the day Interview is somewhere you want the person to take you seriously not to give him a hint of your dressing sense so a little below your subtle taste of trend will end up bringing a positive side of you and highlighting your candidature.