Outlook – Ruchi Kandpal

Reflectionist Ruchi Kandpal (DSDA Batch 2020-2022)

In the limited span of human existence, most of the time is spent either worrying or being remorseful. We are losing time by not being content and happy. Only if we realize how we are micro-aging each passing time, we would be spending less time cribbing and living in the moment. It is the small actions that lead to big consequences. Sometimes memories haunt and sometimes there’s a desire to live the moment again. Every passing second gradually converts to the future of the last second.

If you’re upset, why aren’t you battling the demons of sadness? It’s all the perception of the mind. The external forces cause unwanted stress and a feeling of anxiety. But it’s the mind that can control the external factors and be content. 

So next time if you’re unhappy with something, think of something else. Some people feel that materialism can fill the missing gap of happiness.  But it brings temporary happiness which fades away with time. So why not invest the precious time in making lifetime memories and something to look onto? 

Sometimes we feel like quitting when there’s a hurdle. But if we look at hurdles as a universal sign for keep pushing and giving in inputs it will be a mood enhancer for a highly motivated mind. Without trying, even the probability that states there are high chances of success will fail. Why not let go of impossibilities and instead embrace the upcoming opportunities in the form of new challenges? 

Sometimes people’s behaviour brings disappointment. There are situations where there are conflicts and a mismatch of opinions. But that doesn’t mean there is a war. It means there’s a scope of change by negotiation. Stop expecting, radiate love and embrace your own flaws. Remember life is too short for grudges and bottled emotions. 

So next time you feel dismayed; remember to love yourself, stay motivated and rejoice.

Remember the time is now to change your luck. The unfortunate moments shall pass too, it’s just a matter of time. Finally, as a conclusion, it is the outlook of a person that keeps him motivated.