Personal Kaizen for Career

Speaker Name: Sagar Bane, Manager at Amdocs                                                                                            Sagar Bane

Topic-1: “Personal Kaizen for career” – How to achieve success at professional and

personal life using Kaizen?

Date: – Friday, 19th September, 2014

Mr. Sagar started the guest lecture by pumping energy in all of us. He made Vinay (The Birthday Boy) and Yusuke (Our Only Japanese batchmate) to sing and dance. Vinay danced to his own merry way where everyone was surprised by the Hindi Song-“Tum Hi Ho” sung by Yusuke. It was a great start for a guest lecture till then.

After all this, Mr Sagar beautifully correlated human psychology and human behavior. He said there is a definite relationship between them .He introduced a Japanese Word-‘Kaizen’ which means Continuous Improvement. He added that we should compete with ourselves in order to achieve better improvement.


Then he gave us some pointers how one can be successful in life. His first point was having ‘Goals’ as Goals give us the motivation to move forward in life. His Second Point was to understand your purpose of life and align your goals with it to have a feel-good factor for yourself. The Third point was to take actions according to your goals to succeed in life. He also explained the difference between reaction and response as Reaction is Instantaneous where as Response is what we act after we have a thought about it.

He concluded the Guest Lecture with two quotations-  “For Things to Change We must Change” and ” For a journey of 1000 miles we should start with the first step”.