Pursuit of Home – Shubhangi Sanghi

Reflectionist Shubhangi Sanghi (ITBM 2022-24)

That beautiful little abode in the lap of mountains, 

Full of serenity, Sunny days and earthy rains.

The place that smells of comfort and peace it gives,

There is my home where my mind and soul lives.

Flew away to a new city miles and miles apart,

Bid adieu to those loving faces with the most heavy heart.

Scared to a start a new life, decided to keep a bold smile,

Knowing it would all be okay, just had to be patient for a while.

Didn’t realise how months flew by all so fast, 

Reflecting back, I see a difference so vast.

The mind that was once full of doubts and fears, 

Now strong and brave to fight all those tears.

I question myself is home a place or is it a feeling? 

Is it about those people who help you in healing? 

Is it the people who have seen you at your worst? 

And still be there for you in every sad outburst.

The answers are all here just in front of me,

Home is the feeling of being accepted just as you be. 

It is loving yourself in the hardest of times,

And being there for yourself when life throws limes.

My heart is now at peace hoping this home is never lost,

Loving this new life that has come at my comfort zone’s cost.

I am now a better me, ready to face whatever life has in store,

With that little valley house and all my people forming my heart’s core.