Rebirth-Akanksha Hundoo

Reflectionist- Akanksha Hundoo (ITBM 2020-2022)

Never say never,

Because things won’t be the same forever,

If there is sadness,

There will be a time when this moment will hurt less

As the day goes by, the night comes up

Since you have been struggling for so long, don’t just give up,

Follow your dreams, keep your focus

Time will come when you will rise like a lotus,

Far above from the dirt,

Without having anyone to help, without any support,

Free from the burdens,

From all the situations which have been darkened,

Light will fall upon you,

Don’t quit until you grow,

Become stronger and brave,

Your hard work will eventually pave,

The road to success,

Without any stress,

Like a free-willed bird, you will walk this earth,

Raising like the Phoenix from the ashes you will have your rebirth…!!