Repentance . . – By Chandrani Ta

Edited By – Akash Goel



30 August, 2010

19:10 hours

Amidst the cold windy atmosphere, it was then that the sheer ambience cheered apart outspoken voices when Ram joined our gang of youngsters. Ram happened to be a person of excellent sportsmanship spirit, broad minded thinking and a well maintained status of social rapport with people of all age groups – respect to elders, love and affection for dear ones. I, being one of those potent candidates to appear for my high school boards used to be quite apprehensive regarding my performance in boards and admissions thereafter. As a result even a minuscule reason for getting me offended used to be quite enough for not to be on talking terms with any of my so called “community friends”. One such incidence  is the reason which dates me back to this writing of mine to this date 30 July 2017 at 02:56 hours. Ram on that day seemed to behave in a quite indifferent manner to me which infuriated me from within. Well it was just a case of friendship prank from his end which I failed to understand due to my overstressed situations . The following day of our community celebrations was indeed one of the last day of our so called social gathering. Just at that very moment,I casted a cold interaction with Ram due to the last evening incidence which probably struck him. Had I been aware that this is going to be my last meet never would I opt to behave in such a childish manner.

8 November,2010

9:00 hours

After attending a hectic study schedule from school I am informed that Ram has been admitted to hospital due to a severe yet urgent operation. With my exams scheduled in a much criss-cross manner I am unable to meet him along with my parents, though at that point it, seemed to be of little concern with major focus on his early recovery. Days went by and it unfortunately lead to one of the darkest days of our youngster community group.

27November 2010

20:00 hours

Kaku called Dad,”We need to reach at the earliest to the hospital; his condition is serious with the clear remark from surgeon that surviving condition are almost nil. In fact it’s a futile attempt to keep him alive in a straining mechanical way of imparting him ventilation”. Only a handful of people knew that he had been diagnosed with a serious stage 3 ailment at such a tender age where a fracture is the utmost serious ailment a young guy can get hold with.


So does this diary entry anyway relate to “repentance”? The answer is “yes” since I realize a deep sense of regret within me which perhaps can never be let hold off. The morale lesson, a reader can deduce is that one should never view and accept an individual’s behaviour according to his or her own perspective especially inclining them according to their own set of circumstances oneself is facing at that point in life. With respect to this incident, I paid no heed to the friend’s mistaken ignorant behaviour which was the seed of misunderstanding. Had the circumstance been viewed in a mature manner such a trivial discrepancy would never be a reason for dismay to Ram. Unknowingly a meagre misunderstanding led to an unforgettable diary entry for the lifetime.


PS: It’s a real incident and the names have been changed.

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