“Roller coaster ride of Internship”

I will nail it for sure this time….” Whatever it costs, I will crack the PPO, then will decide later on to accept or not!!!”


That’s how we all started our internship. Punctual, confident, dedicated to learn every bit of work in my office. For those of our few extremely fortunate friends who got in MNCs where more nervous, certain, determined to be focused for the next 10 weeks because it’s the matter of “life at MBA- PPO”. And the rest mass of college wanted to “learn new things” in Internship. The company cracked matches your interest or not, we all were determined to be dedicated and achieve the best out of it these 10 weeks. So, Starting from the new wardrobe stuffing and asking for a lumpsum amount from home, we all packed our bags to start our internship on April 1st, except few of irregulars like me who had some other priorities and started a few days later;)

Isn’t it true that when life suddenly takes a wrong turn, you actually learn a lot out of the disaster? Similarly, Life at internship taught us many new things to adapt and inculcate values in our self. Starting from the very first work-ethics “time” which was though taught to SCIT students, yet our company life has actually taught how punctuality pays. Narrating my personal experience, on the first day of my joining HR at my company said you should be before 10 am in the office. So, I followed the time just like every Indian would do it. I managed to be at Office at exactly 10:00/01/02/03/. But at the end of 1st month when I was given half salary, it was too pathetic to digest the fact “money at the cost of time in minutes” was my first learning at internship.

Being a manager the biggest challenge is to coordinate and make the things work as specified by your seniors. Seemingly easy, it demands a lot of patience, skill and tactics. And we being efficient to complete the work, used to always deliver the work by EOD. But the real problem starts by EOD when you have given your best and delivered the best possible solution after consulting your colleagues and seniors, when your manager says “ I expected you to have an out of box thinking and deliver an outstanding solution”. Mind starts boggling, brain starts draining, and you start wondering…”what the hell was I doing since so many hours???” My second learning: Managers never get satisfied, whatever you do.

But with all these pros and cons, Internship is a great time to learn and experience the work culture. It’s a kick start to the real world we are going to get exposed in next 12 months. New friends, stipends, work culture is a must experience for every student pursuing MBA. But, nonetheless everyone can touch their heart and accept their craving to return back to “mighty mighty SCIT- Our home away from home “