Rush and Hush – By Sumella Qamar

Edited By Adya Mishra

I stare wide-eyed and mystified at the beauty.

I sit by the shore under the sun with my feet in the water.


While seeing the opposite side there was no end

Just a fine line where water and sky appear to be one

Like distinctive individuals around us.


At some point I wonder the two decisions we have in life

Wind up plainly in two banks of same ocean

Which never meet yet are a part of one.


The water roars like a lion and hurries to the shoreline

And after that turns back discreetly like the outrage we have,

We want to yell however we turn the outrage to hush and turn back.


The little crabs leave their engravings on the sand however are not visible,

As a few people go by in our life and their presence is always there.


We are just like the waves that flow back and forth.

I sat there in silence seeing the sun hiding behind the water

Hoping to shine again the next day.

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