Scintillating Seven – The Goal Feast

Written By  Anirudh Sareen

Editted By Ganeshraj R


It has been truly said”A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and on a fine Sunday morning, that thing of beauty was the football pool stage match between SCIT and SCMHRD in this year’s Champions league tournament. The Champions league is one of the most awaited annual sports tournaments conducted at Symbiosis InfoTech Campus (SIC). The event involves the participation of teams from three Business Schools, namely SCIT, SCMHRD and SIIB, across a number of sports like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, etc.

The initial seven minutes of the match in introspection were completely dry but there was some excellent football being played on the field. Both the teams were trying hard to put some pressure and create a chance to score. A grounded pass from near the corner and an out footer from Sameer into the top right corner of the goal post saw the start of the proceedings, giving SCIT an upper hand. The second goal scored by Yusuke was as professional as it could have been; making the run, finding the gap and shooting it on the right occasion. At half time it was 2-0 in favor of SCIT.

I may sound a bit biased after this but that is how the game went after the first half. Except for a lone goal by SCMHRD which gave them something to cheer about, the SCIT team was making their opponents dance to their tunes. The rest of a match was a visual treat for any football lover; it was a sheer display of excellent football skills and team work being shown by the SCITians. A handball inside the ‘D’ by SCMHRD defender resulted in a penalty which was used to put the ball into the back of the net with lightning speed by the one and only Yusuke. The next goal was a corner where Yusuke hit the ball with all his might, a deflection by the keeper into the goal and the opposition was stunned. As it happens often, the best was saved for the last, which saw the most beautiful shot where the goalkeeper was one to one with Yusuke. A normal player would have tried dodging or hitting the ball with full might in order to score but Yusuke has his own ways and he displayed it by chipping the ball delicately over the tallest keeper’s head and proving once again why he is the best player in SCIT. At the end of the morning match it was 7-1 on the score board and the goal feast for breakfast was over but the chants in the air were never going to stop, as 3 words kept on striking the mind – “MIGHTY, MIGHTY, SCIT”.