The pair of legs given to us. We’ve all taken it for granted that we’re meant to keep walking, no matter what. The things life has to offer tastes best when you’re at REST. But we’re too driven by the perceptions of the one’s walking besides us that we overlook it and keep walking, ignoring the bliss of what it is to STAY.! I am Walking, just like you are. Better people are Running, but I envy those who have found the guts to Sit down, or better, Lie down. I think it takes guts to do that. Yes, it’s a crazy theory. It is pure lunacy that makes you sit down and create some damned art. That, or Sadness. Or an indefinite stretch of emotion, that you’re unable to define.

I’ve been there. I have believed in a lot of things; from fire to smoke but at the end of the day they’ve turned out to be weak, ashes were the only thing real. So many emotions I’ve felt, i blamed everything on immaturity. Had i haven’t done that, I’d have so much sins tucking under my sleeves, that it’d have been impossible to breathe every moment. I’m stomping in all the wrong directions over dead leaves; falling for people whose hearts are poisonous than venom, or are deviated and confused. So frightened for what it’ll turn out that they don’t even dare to make efforts.

My nails are just ingrowing into my skin; exactly like the meek possibilities of my own future. I’m drowning and I don’t want to save myself. I am that cloud in the sky which is too close to the sun but just can’t make it rain. I’m as shallow as that storm that promises to rip you apart but leaves after a sheet of tears have kissed your window. I’m that sin that won’t send you to hell and I’m that act of charity that kills an orphan to save it from all the misery the world’s gonna offer. I know how to swim, but I’ve made myself stubborn to ignore to breathe. I’m stuck here, in a whole different paradox, being constantly ripped apart and shattered by betrayal and pain.

The only way out is to figure out what love and affection is. I seem to have forgotten them.

Or maybe I have never known them at all.!