Fiction Team Reflections

From A to Z – Aklant Das

Another scintillating performance by the crew, bunch of amateurs, bold enough to revamp old and legendary plays with contemporary touch. ‘Bewitching’ is the name they go by, performing in New York,the cultural capital of the world. Consist of artists from different ethnicities,recruited by the play writer and director Dr. Max Cruise. Dorothy, the lead actress […]

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Leisure Movies/ TV Shows

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them – A Victorious Spell

J.K. Rowling catapults the audience into a wizarding world through the Hogwarts-tinted lens and creates an alluring fantasy. The motion picture is a lavish visual feast that will and will not, in a few moments cast a victorious spell over the audience. The pre-eminent part of the movie is its star cast. Eddie Redmayne as […]

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