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Candid Conversations Guest Information Security Nullcon-Winja 2019

Candid conversation with Ms.Sneha Rajguru

We had the opportunity of interviewing Ms.Sneha Rajguru who is the founder of WINJA which is a platform to promote and celebrate women in security. Sneha is currently working as a Staff Security Engineer for Byton and has been in the field of Information Security for over 6 years now.We present to you the excerpts […]

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Candid Conversations Faculty Information Security Nullcon-Winja 2019

Candid Conversation with Professor Nisha TN by Shobhita Jain

Edited by Bishakha Jain We had the opportunity of interviewing Professor Nisha TN. Here are some insights which she shared with us in this value adding conversation!   Shobhita – Starting with the first question, could you tell me about yourself and about your professional achievements? Ma’am – I have completed my graduation in B.Sc […]

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Book Launch- Pilgrims In The Digital World

  We were fortunate to attend the book launch of Mr. Sandeep Godbole’s book, “Pilgrims in the digital world”. The program ran houseful and was attended by many eminent personalities of the information security domain. The book talks about technology yet it is not a technical book. It covers a variety of topics like digital […]

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Ethics of AI : Building Technology that benefits people and society

Edited By – Akash Goel Humans are intrinsically wired to resist technology. Technology has for hundreds of years introduced tension between the need for innovation and the pressure to maintain continuity and social order. The very debates and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence, robotics, gene editing and others mirror the interpersonal and economic rationale that guided […]

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Information Risk Assessment – Industry perspective with Sunil Bakshi

Edited by – Sristy Changkakoti Safety is a myth, Risk is the reality, Fear is the mind killer. “..Wells Fargo recently paid $185 million in penalties – the highest fine levied by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)…” “..Volkswagen has been hit with over 30 federal lawsuits and 40%+ decline in stock value, all stemming from the same […]

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Is India ready for cashless economy? – By Shubhangi Suralkar

Edited By – Akash Goel   “A cashless economy is secure, it is clean. You have a leadership role to play in taking India towards an increasingly digital economy”   At the end of a panel at “Startup India Standup India”, adequately named “Disruptive Power of Technology in Financial Inclusion”, the panelists, who included Paytm CEO […]

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Information Security Software Solution Students Team Reflections

DevSecOps – The Need of The Hour ! – By Sayali Sawant

Edited By – Akash Goel   The purpose and intent of DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that “everyone is responsible for security” Integrating DevOps + Security = DevSecOps David Cearley, an analyst at Gartner Inc believes “It’s development, it’s security, it’s operations operating as a dynamic force to create solutions”. DevSecOps Philosophy One […]

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Is your Android smart enough to make you secure?

With latest buzz around “Wanna Cry”, everybody is alert on the security aspect of their smart friend cum phone. This intruding suspicion will leave you amazed to discover another trojan-based malicious code “Xavier” found in more than 800 apps on Google Play Store. Analysis report by the security firm TrendLabs, claims that the Trojan ad […]

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Wanna Cry?

On May 12, 2017, the unprecedented outbreak of a ransom-ware attack took the world by surprise, affecting more than 200,000 systems in more than 150 countries (as of 16th May, 2017). The attack, known as the “WannaCry” ransom-ware attack (also known as WannaCrypt/WannaCryptOr 2.0/Wanna Decryptor) is an on-going cyber attack targeting the Microsoft windows operating […]

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