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Breaking The Legacy: Union & Railway Budget Merger — By Divya

Edited By – Akash Goel   During British era, the Railway Budget was part of the General Budget initially. Based on the recommendation of Acworth Committee, the Rail Budget was separated from the union budget in 1924 and this system was followed till now. But the Government has decided to merge Rail Budget with the Union […]

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War Of The Gods : The Infosys Crisis — By Souptik Sur

Reviewed By – Akash Goel   Infosys, a big name in the world of IT, has been going through an internal tussle which in turn is hampering the brand value of the organization. Vishal Sikka, the chief executive who was brought in to turn around India’s Infosys three years ago, resigned on August 18th, 2017, […]

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Nick Vijucic – Life Without Limits !! – By Sayali Sawant

Reviewed By – Akash Goel Just imagine going through your routine day to day activities without the support of your hands and legs! Picture your entire life without the ability to walk around on your own or even embrace those you love the most. But there exists one man who makes these difficult tasks possible […]

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Leisure Miscellaneous Team Reflections

Self Reflection – By Pranshi Gupta

Edited By – Akash Goel Sometimes a reflection can be a mirror. What we see in others is often a reflection of us. Whether the person’s behavior is of that intent or not, what is coming up for us and what we are seeing in them is a reflection of our own thoughts.       […]

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Information Security Software Solution Students Team Reflections

DevSecOps – The Need of The Hour ! – By Sayali Sawant

Edited By – Akash Goel   The purpose and intent of DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that “everyone is responsible for security” Integrating DevOps + Security = DevSecOps David Cearley, an analyst at Gartner Inc believes “It’s development, it’s security, it’s operations operating as a dynamic force to create solutions”. DevSecOps Philosophy One […]

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Business Information Security Technology

Wanna Cry?

On May 12, 2017, the unprecedented outbreak of a ransom-ware attack took the world by surprise, affecting more than 200,000 systems in more than 150 countries (as of 16th May, 2017). The attack, known as the “WannaCry” ransom-ware attack (also known as WannaCrypt/WannaCryptOr 2.0/Wanna Decryptor) is an on-going cyber attack targeting the Microsoft windows operating […]

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Candid Conversations Guest Music

Candid Conversation with Nikhil Aarons

“To play without passion is inexcusable !”― Ludwig van Beethoven. We had an opportunity to interact with Nikhil Aarons – the Musician, teacher and rhythm guitarist of Aftr’light band. It was a great time knowing about his passion for music and what drove him into taking this up as a full time career option. We […]

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Data Science Technology

Data Science: Still the dream Job…?

Following the data science gold rush across the globe, many graduates from the field of computer science, Information Technology, statistics etc. have debated whether to stay with their chosen fields or switch to data science in hope of greener pastures. Looking at the present global scenario, with the introduction of new policies in the United […]

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Candid Conversations Conferences/ Seminars Guest

Candid Conversation with Neelu Tripathy

Nullcon 2017 has been a great experience! I was fortunate to have had this opportunity interacting with Neelu Tripathy at Winja CTF where we volunteered together and had a great time participating in the Social Engineering Village organized by Neelu. We bring you the excerpts of our candid conversation with her. She is a Security […]

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