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Breaking The Legacy: Union & Railway Budget Merger — By Divya

Edited By – Akash Goel   During British era, the Railway Budget was part of the General Budget initially. Based on the recommendation of Acworth Committee, the Rail Budget was separated from the union budget in 1924 and this system was followed till now. But the Government has decided to merge Rail Budget with the Union […]

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Triple Talaq Fiasco – By Chandrani Ta

Reviewed By – Akash Goel   India has been a nation of acceptance. Accepting diverse cultures, people from all backgrounds as well as in terms of celebrating various festivals. The virtue of maintaining religious sanctity has been a key point of realizing oneself it as a methodology for respecting one another and this is a […]

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Ranging over the Mangroves…Elucidating Sundarbans! – By Bishakha Jain

  Edited By – Akash Goel & Sristy Changkakoti Travel can be blase when everything related to it falls in place. It indeed was a one of a kind experience for me. Having said that, let me list down the adventures that were shouldered. The very first experience being catching a local train. At 7:42 […]

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Ethics of AI : Building Technology that benefits people and society

Edited By – Akash Goel Humans are intrinsically wired to resist technology. Technology has for hundreds of years introduced tension between the need for innovation and the pressure to maintain continuity and social order. The very debates and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence, robotics, gene editing and others mirror the interpersonal and economic rationale that guided […]

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MS Dhoni: The Magician Who Pulls Out Magnanimous Houdini Acts At Will – By Akash Goel

  “He is the best captain I have played under.” – Sachin Tendulkar    “I would go to war with him by my side.” – Gary Kirsten   “When I die, the last thing I want to see is the six that he hit in the 2011 World Cup final.” – Sunil Gavaskar   You […]

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AGILE VS CMMi – Guest Lecture..

Reviewed By – Sristy Changkakoti How would you describe “Shrikant Chaphekar” as a person? Passionate about teaching, witty, inspiring and empathetic. What inspired you to work in the field of consulting and have your journey been till now? After working in IT industry for over 30 years in various functions like Quality,PMO and Delivery ,I […]

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Namma Bengaluru – By Kajal Jadhav

Edited By – Akash Goel   An IT professional, on his way to work, won’t even realize that his city Bangalore is on the top of Forbes’ list of world’s 10 most dynamic cities. Bengaluru evidently produces more GDP than the nation as a whole. Bangalore is in the southeastern part of Karnataka and is […]

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The Beast – By Aksha Mondal

Edited by- Adya Mishra     Yes the name itself says it all. Yes the Beast that revs everyone’s heart. The beast that growls. The beast that is ready to rule the Indian roads. Yes I am taking about the Beast that Yamaha has launched in India the“FZ25”.  FZ25 is the new addition to the Yamaha […]

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Written By – Gaurav Gupta (Reviewed  by – Angelina Gokhale, Faculty for ITIE course  Edited by – Adya Mishra) [As part of the IT Infrastructure Essentials Course, PGPITBM programme, Batch 2016-2017, Semester – I]     INTRODUCTION:-, Inc. is one of the world’s largest e-commerce web portal which started with selling of Books online […]

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ECHOES OF SILENCE!- By Soumya Ganesh

Edited by: Adya Mishra Can silence echo? Does silence take a form of sound? I am wondering. How do mute people think? I mean, I think in English when I communicate in English, or Malayalam or Tamil, or whatever is relevant. How does a mute person think? Aren’t thoughts associated to words? And words to […]

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