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Candid Conversation with Ms. Puneet Bhasin

How would you describe Puneet Bhasin as a person? I would describe myself as a hardworking and fun loving person. I believe very strongly that hard work is the key to achieve anything I want. I set goals in life, but I ensure the journey to my goals is enjoyable and meaningful. It’s probably my […]

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15th National Seminar-STATE OF IT 2014

–-Written by Anurakta Mohanty, Sharon Singh and Naaz Abdul Kadar –Edited by Ganeshraj 15th National Seminar , STATE OF IT 2014   On 28th Sept 2014, SCIT had the privilege to celebrate the 15th National Seminar, STATE OF IT, 2014 with the booming top worldwide discussion on  “Mobile device diversity empowerment or end of privacy?”     […]

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