Tapher by Sushmaa Nagilla

That night when I saw her under the moon light

I could only see the glittery deep eyes

Those eyes told me stories

Stories of love, sorrow and valor

It was a night of silence …

The soft moon light was the only thing in sight ..

The sky hide the stars in its thick blanket

Yet the starts couldn’t keep from looking at such alluring beauty


There was a hustle, a quite breeze a silent song to which her locks danced..

Behold I see a radiant face as the clouds swished away

There she was in her mighty amour,

Standing tall and majestic with her supreme sword

Staring at those high tides at the shore

The sword was dripping blood of the traitors

Her face was filled with stupor

Few steps ahead I see her feet soaked in blood..

Blood of the warriors of her mighty kingdom

Corpse of the vipers of the sacred land of NOVA

The untold stories of valor radiated in her eyes

They called her “TAPHER “ The greatest warrior of the land of justice .