TEDxSIUHinjewadi: “Brave Your Voice Amongst the Chaos” – Deeksha Burugadda & Mohammad Adib Aslam

Reflectionist Deeksha and Reflectionist Adib

The D-Day has finally arrived!

The Date was 5th of March 2022, timing being 10 AM, and the spectacular TEDxSIUHinjewadi was ready for us. The 8th edition of TEDxSIUHinjewadi 2022 was organized & hosted by Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune; a constituent of Symbiosis International University, as an initiative by iTELF Committee under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Prof. Apoorva Kulkarni.

The hosts Niyati Chauhan and Jatin Sharma kickstarted the event, and the curator Lakshitha Bhawani and co-curator Mihir Yadav walked us through the journey of TEDx, and how this has been an integral part of the SIU; by giving a brief introductory talk. Next, a short video was played to show the audience what TEDx actually is.

The theme of this edition was “Brave your voice amongst the chaos”. This theme has been built upon the idea of being brave, courageous and following the voice that appeals to us and our goals.

Dr. Kanchan Patil welcomed the speakers and performers, and wished Team iTELF the very best for the event.

Our speakers: Mrs. Shravani Pawar, Mr. Yatin Pandya, Dr. Fathima Benazir, Mr. Anirudh Sharma and Mr. Parzaan Dastur
Our performers: Mr. Ved Sharma,  Ms. Vaishnavi Joshi and Mr. Sourav Purohit

Shravani Pawar was the first speaker at the event. She shared her early life journey where she recognized the potential of a girl child.  She also spoke about how she had a vision. However, she faced criticism did her bachelor’s in social work, a post that worked with NGOs, farmers, and villages in the rural areas. She eventually got into Social Entrepreneurship and introduced women to security services.  She advised us to be clear on our priorities as they pave our path forward in life.

A quick Q&A session then followed this.

Ms. Shravani then concluded how important it is to know what we want and spoke about how the balance between professional and personal life can be established.

The next speaker was Mr. Yatin Pandya, who mainly focused on turning constraints into virtues, and how to design our today, inspired from yesterday. He spoke about how the design of the Pet Bottle and Translucent dormer, along with the help of an NGO, was enough to bring a change in the lives of the Rural areas. Not just this, there was also a significant improvement in the health and education index; he also said that there was an infrastructural improvement with the help of waste material, soil block, wooden crates, rag ropes, and reinforced plastic. He also spoke about his innovation in Kutch and how the design was the core behind all the creations.

This was again followed by a QnA session where he spoke about how passion, empathy, and with a bit of help from NGOs, they could help the rural people and concluded.

Next up was a mesmerizing Tabla performance by Mr. Ved Sharma.

Then, the next talk was given by Dr. Fathima Benazir. She is a renowned Molecular Biologist from IISc. She said that along with Alex D Paul, she developed a product Tintorang, which was helpful in the Covid Era. While working on this product, she said that fighting her family’s mindset was a significant obstruction.

As she is a part of a tech startup, she stressed the importance of interacting with customers and mentioned how targets are essential to keep us motivated, apart from the Culture and Teams, which help a lot in our overall growth; by facing Competition and Failures. In the QnA, she discussed how failures are essential for life and concluded.

Mr. Anirudh Sharma gave the fourth session. He spoke about space traffic, which is looked upon by Digantara. He then shared the journey of Digantara and how he got help from writing cold emails and attending conferences but could not get funding. Later, they finally got help from IISc, and sooner or later, they got a budget of rupees 1.5 billion to carry out their work. He stressed that today’s Navigation, Phone Calls, Messages, GPS services, and even the Internet depend greatly on Satellite capabilities in space.

The Q&A session focused on Space Debris and the privatization of Satellites in Indian Space.

Next, there was a captivating Bharatnatyam performance given by Ms. Vaishnavi Joshi.

Here comes the final talk session of the event, by Mr. Parzaan Dastur. All of us remember the dialogue from the Bollywood Film: “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” which goes as: “Tussi jaa rahe ho, Tussi na jao.” So, what is the connection between this dialogue and our speaker?  Yes, he is the same Jalebi kid from the film who says this dialogue. He discussed the chaos in life that he faced and stressed that having fun on the journey is very important. He also opined that there is no reason for us to be egoistic.

He also gave a few tips on overcoming the chaos in our lives, such as good communication, honesty and sharing thoughts, identifying true friends, and cutting the characters out from one’s life who try to bring us down.

In the Q&A session, he also spoke about acting as a craft and reliving basic emotions. He shared his views on Entrepreneurs who were bouncing back through this pandemic being contributors to the chaos and concluded.

The event’s final performance was given by Mr. Sourav Purohit, who enraptured the audience with the fantastic melody of his flute.

Finally, the hosts Jatin and Niyati gave a vote of thanks to the audience, partners, speakers, performers and concluded the event.