The Beast – By Aksha Mondal

Edited by- Adya Mishra

    Yes the name itself says it all. Yes the Beast that revs everyone’s heart. The beast that growls. The beast that is ready to rule the Indian roads. Yes I am taking about the Beast that Yamaha has launched in India the“FZ25”.  FZ25 is the new addition to the Yamaha bike family. It is powered by a single cylinder air and oil-cooled 249cc engine. This is a 4 stroke engine with 2 valve, fuel injection and blue core technology. This comes with a 5 speed gear box. The bike weighs 148kg (dry). These features establish the beast as a powerful, mid-class, street fighter for the next FZ world. The 249cc single-cylinder engine is fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian traffic environment. FZ25 has been developed with Yamaha’s New Generation Engine development Ideal “Blue Core”. This engine features better fuel efficiency, acceleration and environment friendliness. The model is compliant of BS IV emission standards. The engine delivers a max power 20.9 PS at 8000 rpm and a max torque of 20NM as low as 6000 rpm. This gives a punching acceleration to the bike. The FZ’s true essence of muscular street fighter has been carried forward but with more modern layout. Upfront the bike has three led headlamp that is all set to captive the new gen bikers. The bike gets 10 spoke alloy wheel. The short and stubby exhaust not only looks fresh but sounds amazing because it has been specially tuned to give out a sporty note. The tail section is nice, sleek and sharp. The led tail lamp looks quit striking when it comes alive. The grab bars are conveniently placed to utilize by the pillion. The split seats get slip resistant cover material. The speedo console is all digital unit and looks simple. The précised engineered diamond frame offers super handling to enjoy the daily commutes in the city. The seating posture is neither too aggressive nor too upright. It is specially placed in such a way that both city and long touring is possible without being worried of back. At last the Beast is a quarter Litre machine packed with all the power that is needed to be the ruler of the road.


Yes Yamaha!!!!

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