The Keys-Soumya Singh

Reflectionist- Soumya Singh (ITBM- 2019-21)

I stood under a streetlight on the Abbey lane,

and watched you striding away.

I knew I would not be able to hold you back,

and my feelings couldn’t convey.

I held a souvenir that you gave me on our first anniversary,

and you broke it into pieces.

I wanted to take you to your desired places,

and you said you didn’t like those beaches.

I got my favorite cake from The Bager Shop,

and you couldn’t tell its flavor.

I sang our favorite song from The Coldplay,

and you couldn’t savor.

I held your hand and kissed your forehead,

and you started to shiver.

I brought a flower and clenched it hard,

and it started to wither.

I took you to the dramas we watched together,

and you couldn’t recognize the scenes.

I asked you whether you would like to continue your job,

and you said you no more liked marines.

I showed you our photograph when we got married,

and you said you couldn’t find the ring.

I apprised you with every little detail of our togetherness,

and my love for you couldn’t bring back everything.

I knew it would start to snow in the town,

and I gave you my coat.

I would never be able to see you again,

and it started to choke my throat.

I had a feeling of losing you after Amnesia,

and I kept hope even when you took my name wrong.

I had my world fall all apart beneath my feet,

and meanwhile, you said you couldn’t come along.

I gave you my last goodbye when the first snowflake touched your cheek,

and you took my hand under those basswood trees.

I said my home will always wait for you to come back to me,

and you smiled until you returned the keys.

“This is a narrative poem revolving around consequences of Amnesia and the change it brings”