The Law of Attraction – By Runali

There was this famous dialogue in the movie ‘OM SHANTI OM’, “Kehte hain ki …… Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.” When someone comes across this dialogue for the first time, it would seem like just another fancy dialogue in the movie. The dialogue would make greater sense to a person who understands the Law of Attraction. It beautifully tries to portray that our thoughts are powerful enough to make or break a situation. The basis of this being the very fact that we attract whatever we think.

One can wonder if this really works. And the answer to this is “Yes”. It really does work. All we have to do is to have right thoughts, and mind you that is not easy. One has to practice hard for this. Apparently, when things go wrong in our lives we don’t realize that they went wrong just because we had decided that they were meant to go wrong. We might not have thought so directly, but deep down somewhere we would have had this thought, what if this does not happen my way? And this single thought, could be the reason why we end up not achieving something or things not turning out our way.

Let me try and give you some examples: Don’t we all have our lucky charms? And we have this weird feeling that things go right if we have our lucky charm with us. This could be just because when we have our lucky charm with us we start thinking that things will turn out our way. This very thought attracts the desired outcomes towards us. At least some of you would have been in a situation when your lucky charm wasn’t there actually and you did not realize it. Things would have gone right even its absence. This justifies that it is all there in our thoughts. If we have the right thoughts, things around us are bound to go right. We also have this concept of bad omen. Even in this case, things go wrong because our thoughts say that they are bound to go wrong.

This principle can be actually applied to every walk of our life. Be it getting the desired job, making money, maintaining a relationship or anything else. It is a fact that any thought we have revolves around in the universe and creates an impact on everything around. It has the power to make the universe work in our favor or against us. Another important factor is that your actions should complement your thoughts. If we want to attract something into our life, we should first start believing and acting as if we already have it. Actions are the most powerful version of our thoughts. Through our actions, we keep communicating our expectations to the universe. The universe senses these actions and acts accordingly.

So first identify exactly what you want in your life. For this, you need to sit back and ask yourself what it is that you really need. You don’t have to keep asking yourself again and again. Just ask yourself once and the immediate reply you get will be the thing that you desire. Once you have identified what you need then believe with utmost faith that your desires will be fulfilled. Don’t keep worrying about how it will happen, when it will happen etc. Let the universe take care of these problems. When you try to handle these things yourself, it indicates your lack of trust in the universe. Next, have your actions complement your thought. E.g.: If you dream of becoming the college topper, then you can’t just spend your time doing activities that don’t support this thought. While working towards your goal believe that you have already achieved it, and it is just a formality to receive it in the physical form. When you start working with this thought in the background it feels wonderful and work seems effortless. And then, just sit back relax and let it happen.

I have heard many people ask why they should wish for something if God has already decided what is to happen in their lives. The answer to this is what if God has decided that whatever you wish for happens to you. And then, if you don’t make a wish, how is anything good ever supposed to happen in your life? Try this out on your own because there is nothing to lose for sure.

Congratulations in advance for the success awaiting ahead in your life!