The Relationship Complication

Written by Aagam Shah, Edited by Naaz Abdul Khadar


“She has a boyfriend and he is sitting right in the next section”- I warned AB when I caught him staring at her. “Look man. Soccer has a goal keeper but that doesn’t mean you can’t goal!” AB boasted confidently. This sentence might seem new (and to some extent funny) to you guys but hearing it for the millionth time I told him to shut up. “Who has time for these things?” I asked curiously. AB is the one who has been able to stay single all these years despite his attempts of having someone to laugh at his jokes (which are at times surprisingly funny!). But who needs it! We’re a bunch of happy guys already.

Being CA students we hardly get time to revise our syllabus for exam and that is why I get shocked every time I see a couple, especially when they are in the same fraternity. Really a secret how they manage their time!! You reach home at 9pm after all the day’s labour and take your dinner, the next thing you see is either your bed or some homework for the next day. And the reason why the idea of sharing our really scarce time with someone else surprises me because we don’t have any spare amount of time!

But still we all wish to have such a person with whom we can share everything and who can provide us the care. The need of having “that other person” is somehow very less in our cases, reason being that all we want is either a holiday from office or a text saying that the lecture is cancelled (a dream of every article). And among all of that we don’t even realise our yearning of being with that special one. Yes, of course, we have our “BFFs” but they don’t come in handy every-time. We all want to enjoy that someone’s company. It’s true that it’s not apparently possible for us to commit to anyone else given our other already existing commitments. And even if we have someone they’d surely be jealous of our dedication towards studies and Articleship. Personally, I’ve been lucky enough not to have anyone to get a cut from my share of time. That might be because I may come across to many people as a “not so friendly” guy. And luckily so far it has worked as an advantage for me. But that’s not the matter here.

Our Facebook relationship status might say that we are single, but the actual scenario states otherwise. We are so deeply into our relationship with our work and studies. And we do not want to break that up 😉