The Star Across the Horizon – Shivam Trivedi

Reflectionist Shivam Trivedi (MBA ITBM 2022-24)

I am gazing at stars and the moon shining bright
But there is my favourite star that I spotted this night

It’s a little east of Polaris from where I sit 
When you spot the Sirius, move towards north a bit

It’s not that bright and might seem ordinary to some
But its distinguishable from others, and that’s what I love

I admire it a lot and try showing its beauty to everyone
But these dark clouds, don’t know from where they come

They hide its glow and I can’t see it anymore
While waiting for them to clear, I hear the thunder roar

I pray to the cosmos, don’t take the star away
I just want one glimpse before sun comes and its day

It happens in life, with the people you love the most
They leave you, like this star by morning, will be lost

I was losing all hope, my prays were going in vain
And to make things worse here comes the rain

Each raindrop was falling like a needle on my skin
I might never see that star again, its nature’s win

I tried this for a week and the same story every time
The days were dry, and it always rained at night

I started losing hope, and that it wasn’t in my destiny
Like your loved ones leave and you can only miss their company

A friend asked me when I told him what’s the matter,
It’s monsoon, you fool, not the season for stargazers!