Vegetarianism and Non-Vegetarianism by Vaishnavi GS

Being the most cliché topic in the world, this is still interesting to discuss on. We find thousands of quotes and discussions and yes, the memes too on this on the internet.
Let’s not talk about the arguments and disagreements that happens between a vegetarian and meat eater because we already know about it.
Vegetarians will mostly have religious reasons, being environmentally friendly and also they tend to think this will lead to world peace. While non-vegetarians will give you an equal number of reasons for their choice beginning from stone age to talking about high protein, taste and trying to prove that meat gives them more options to eat.
In a country like India, our culture affects our food choices. If someone doesn’t eat meat, the first question will be “Are you a Brahmin/Jain?”. And if a meat eater doesn’t eat bacon, then we assume that he must be Muslim. And If you love beef then you definitely must be a Muslim or Christian. And if you eat bugs and reptiles then must be a tribe. Assumptions and stereotypes are also part of our culture (sadly).
Wait, this is not just about vegetarians and non-vegetarians! We have vegans too.
Though the word ‘Vegan’ was coined in 1944 in England by Donald Watson, it has become mainstream from the past two decades. They believe in zero animal cruelty. The only difference between vegetarians and vegans are that there no dairy or any animal by-products in Veganism, not just in food but in overall consumptions. While vegetarians were busy with disagreement with non-vegetarians, Vegans are here to make everyone guilty. But wait, our stereotypical world has a name for them as well – ‘Hippies’.

Yes, our generation is not very rigid about food choices. With all the trending food habits on the internet which we will have a name like some xyz diet with hashtag everyone is trying everything. #ketolife #vegan #vegetarianforlife #meatheals etc. this is what we are living for.
I believe, the era we are living in , we all should just make peace with the fact that Food habits are more of a lifestyle now. An individual or a group should not be judged over their choices especially their food choices. Food is the basic necessity and happiness too. Eat what makes you happy, eat what keeps you healthy. Spread love. And FOOD IS LOVE!