WELCOME to the Batch 2015-17

Dr. Prasenjit Sen


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A warm welcome to you from our heart

An ideal environment awaits you here

Only a few centres that can be its peer.

The student activities here are managed by you

You are free to give ideas exemplary and new.


Academic curricula are charted in a pattern unique ,

The blended learning plans are designed scientific .

Students sail through the rigour with heads held high ,

Tests and assignments never bring a despondent sigh .


The summer sun burns and bakes the hills around

The welcome rains sooth and soften the parched ground.

Out we go then to the yonder for greening the thirsty hills

planting saplings swept by dulcet drizzles and gentle chill.


Courtyard’s flood light dazzles, high decibels crackle,

Enthused students tackle , the cultural fests to sparkle.

Enjoyed and fatigued , bodies vie for the magic potions

Morning classes see the drooping eyes and big yawns.


Yes, the programmes are many splendoured hue

Pressure of studies, down cast eyes – a spell of ennui ?

No, the élan of the youth let the fear and gloom to fly.

The alpha and omega of all problems always to obviate,

Golden path of hard work and Faith one must accept.

Becoming better human will be your lofty aim

Accepting the Social Responsibility is one of them.

Manyavata showers on the hapless kid love and mirth,

Sweetness and grace make the act supremely worth .


The students bivouac here for the Onward March

El dorado , a glamour job, never be your only search.

Seeking a greater Humanity – resplendent and Eternal

Invoking a new Consciousness –sublime and supernal