Who is She? – Suhani Jain

Suhani Jain (ITBM 2021-23)

She is beyond all that words can describe

She is a glimpse of true beauty, envisioned by lord, bestowed in human form,

She is the vast calm ocean,

With infinite potential beyond her own ken

Mystical and deep

As limitless as those waters can be.

Alas, bound by the earthly shores she is,

Bound in the human form she is,

Yet released from these bonds she can be,

Only by someone who wants her to be,

Whisper in her ear will he,

“Calypso, I release you from your human bonds”

In a language only a few folks today speak.

As I lay down each night,

Trying to figure out all that’s in light,

She is beyond this materialistic world and the fakin’

She is in her true form, the beauty of lord’s makin’

She is, in her true form, a joyous being.